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Webpilots Commerce comes with a drag-and-drop store builder, product, inventory, order and shipping management tools, multiple payment gateways, and real-time reports. Your dream website is just a click away.

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4 Steps

Design effortlessly

Drag and drop your ecommerce website to life.
If you have coding experience, you’ll never need it.

Add products

Add or import your products, including descriptions, specifications, and images.

Payments, taxes, and shipping

Include multiple payments gateways, and location-specific tax rates and shipping options to your store.

Showcase them with care

Organize your products into categories and collections. When you make it easy for customers to find them, you make it easier to sell them.

Instantly live

Go online with one click and see updates reflected on your mobile-optimized website, instantly.


eCommerce Lingo – A Glossary of Electronic Commerce Terminology & Industry Buzzwords

In the age of technology, business models and sales tactics are ever-changing. The internet is no exception to this! Selling trends that emerge today might be best practice tomorrow. If you are looking to break into the digital realm of eCommerce, these are a few terms to get accustomed with to give you a solid starting point.

The process of buying and selling online or electronically. This term may refer to online retail as a whole, or more specifically the transaction type.

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